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We’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a number of wonderful places, both here and and abroad. Below is a set of our favorite photos.

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Chihuly at the de Young

Dale Chihuly is America's preeminent glass-blowing artist, known for his wild, extravagant colors and forms. A show of his comes to the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.

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Emmet Roland Muschenetz is the newest addition to our family. Here are some selected photos.

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When Brett and Emily left New York for Switzerland, we held the mother of all goodbye parties. What and where we did things over the weekend was dictated by small slips of paper pulled from a hat. The photos tell the story.

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Santa Cruz

Jane and Ingo visit Santa Cruz and the boardwalk, after the summer tourists have gone. We also go on a stream-powered narrow gauge railway up into the mountains.

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We take Emmet on hist first airplane ride to Maui and stay in a great little condo in downtown Lahaina. Aloha!

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141 Drag

The last 141 party was all about men in women's clothing and women in men's. The end result was somewhere in between.

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Andy Brunchy

Andy Louis, chef extraordinaire prepares brunch for lucky winners of the Sloan charity auction.

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Bay to Breakers 2008

The annual San Francisco Bay to Breakers race. It's supposedly a race, but more like a parade. Warning...full frontal nudity involved!

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Bicycle Music Festival

The Bicycle Music Festival is an annual event in San Francisco where everything is pedal-powered. Spectators and musicians travel from park to park, playing as long as someone is willing to pedal.

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Brett and Emily

Brett and Emily are great friends of ours living in New York.

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Boston 4th of July

Last year we arrived in August, missing the 4th of July celebrations. This year we did it right, with the Hatch shell on the 3rd, and fireworks over the Charles on the 4th.

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Boston First Night

Every year Boston holds a big New Year's Eve party. Margarita, Jane's cousin, came to visit.

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Boston Spring 2006

The flowers are in bloom, and the weather is wonderful. Time to enjoy these precious two weeks.

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Ingo recently had a chance to visit Nate & Karen, two good friends from college now living in Boulder, CO.

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Every year, a group of MIT MBA students leaves their final mark on a sailing trip through the British Virgin Islands. 1,523,427 cans of beer are consumed.

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Campo di Bocce

Jane and Ingo play a rousing game of bocce with Chris and Elecia.

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Cape Cod

Emily graciously invited us to her family's vacation home on Cape Cod for a weekend with friends. Beautiful.

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Catalina is the former playground of the Wrigley family, off the coast of Los Angeles.

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In 2002, Ingo took a month off of work and we took a trip through the Caribbean. This is where Ingo proposed to Jane (see if you can guess where).

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The Celebration

As a thank-you to those who helped him, Paul Cavanaugh says thank you back. In Vegas, baby!

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A wedding in China. We travel through Beijing past Olympic site to Chongqing where Dingli and Brian have a wonderful wedding, and then finally on to Hong Kong.

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Christmas in Balboa Park

Every year Balboa Park in San Diego has a Christmas celebration. We went with Dema & Auco.

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Christo the Gates

Ingo went to New York to visit Christo's "The Gates" installation in Central Park.

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A compendium of photos of things Ingo and Jane have cooked.

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After Jane was accepted into the Sloan MBA program at MIT, we took a trip in an RV traveling from San Diego to Massachusetts.

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Crystal Cove

Every Saturday morning, an incredible array of cars gets together in a nondescript parking lot in Newport Beach for an informal car show. The cars are anything but mundane.

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Del Mar

We visit the Del Mar racetrack for a bit of gambling. We didn't make off any richer than before, but we had a great time.

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Fall in Boston

We go leaf peeping through the Commons.

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Ingo travels an awful lot between San Diego and Boston. Here are some photos taken along the way.

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These photos document the recipes Ingo and Jane have made. If you find a photo that looks enticing, look up the name of the photo and you'll find the recipe that matches.

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Filoli Gardens

We visit the lovely Filoli gardens with Chris and Elecia.

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Gilroy Garlic Festival

The Gilroy Garlic Festival needs no introduction. It's the largest celebration of garlic anywhere. Chris and Elecia came along.

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Golden Gate Park Walk

We visit the Golden Gate Park and the de Young Museum.

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Ig Nobel

The Ig Nobel Awards honor research which "can not, or should not" be repeated. The ceremony takes place each year at Saunders Theater on the Harvard campus.

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Jane and Julissa Birthday

Jane and Julissa celebrate their birthdays and Sloan graduation with their friends at the local jazz club Ryles.

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Jeff's 25th Birthday

Jeff Hoehl celebrates his 25th birthday in San Diego.

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MBA Research

Before deciding on MIT, Jane needed to decide which school to attend. Here we visit Wharton, MIT, Harvard, and end up in New York at Columbia.

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MIT Spring Gala 2006

The MIT Spring Gala was held at the lovely Rosecliff mansion in Newport, RI. We make a early Sunday morning run back to Massachusetts for some fantastic donuts.

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When time presented itself, we jumped in the nearest Jet Blue plane and headed on down to Miami for a week-long break.

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Ingo visits an old friend Ben in Minneapolis.

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Mission Carnival 2008

The Mission Carnival in San Francisco is the largest multi-cultural celebration in California. The Grand Parade on Sunday winds it's way through the Mission district with colorful floats and dancers.

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The annual Monterey Wine Festival is a fantastic experience of drinking and dining. We went with Auco & Dema.

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MIT Sloan goes to Montreal for purely business reasons...

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The Spring "dance" for MIT Sloan was held in the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI. A great experience.

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New Year's 2006

Ingo and Jane celebrate the New Year by cooking a lovely dinner at home and then heading to Ryles Jazz Club around the corner for some salsa.

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New Zealand

When deciding where to go for our honeymoon, we wanted a place neither of us had been. New Zealand was the result.

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London 2006

Jane spends 3 months on an exchange program at London Business School. Lucky girl! Ingo comes to visit in February.

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Our Friends

Pictures of some of the best people on earth.

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Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

Jane and Ingo visit Bean Hollow State Beach, see the interesting tafoni formations, and continue down Highway 1 to Pidgeon Point lighthouse.

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Our family friend Irv lives near Portland. We went to visit him with Ingo's family.

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Roasted and Toasted

A pre-Thanksgiving party where the theme was to either bring something roasted, or something to get you toasted!

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Robogames 2008

Jane, Ingo, Chris and Elecia engage in the spectacle that is Robogames, the world's largest robot competition.

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San Diego

Before Boston came San Diego, and Ingo returns on a fairly regular basis. Some photos taken here and there along the way.

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Sausalito Segway Tour

Aptana goes on a tour of Sausalito on Segways. Not dorky at all. I'd do it again.

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Secret Gardens of Cambridge

We wander through the fancy backyards of Harvard on Brattle street as part of a yearly library fundraiser. Allergies get the best of us, but Formaggio Kitchen makes a welcome end goal.

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Silicon Valley 2008 Soap Box Derby

Local qualifying runs for a favorite American youth sport...the Soap Box Derby. Kids race wooden cars down a gentle sloping hill for fame and glory.

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Photo's of Jane's time at Sloan.

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Sloan Graduation 2006

Jane graduates from MIT Sloan and we party late into the night.

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Slow Food Festival

August brought the Slow Food Convention to San Francisco. Fort Mason hosted the "tasting pavilions," places where people could try local, artisanal, sustainable foods and drinks.

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Superman in Las Vegas

Superman goes on a bender in Vegas. Can his superhuman strength ensure that what goes on there stays there?

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While Jane was working at Leica, they asked to her to assist at the corporate offices in Switzerland. She spent a month there, and met up with Ingo's sister, Ilona

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Jane's visit to Julie in Taipei in August 2005. Food, exploring, deep/meaningful conversations and wild dancing to the numa-numa song. Best time ever!

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This and That

Photos taken here and there, updated now and then.

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Ingo visits Andrew Hughes, a buddy from college now working in Tokyo, and Jane goes on a trek with her MIT classmates through Japan. We have a wonderful time.

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Top of the Hub

A pre-commencement celebration at the top of the Prudential tower. We circle 'round and 'round trying to match parents to offspring.

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Virginia and Rafael are two good friends we met at Jane's sister (Anna's) wedding. We visited them for a weekend in their home city of Valencia, Spain.

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Photos of Ingo's time at Xamlon.

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