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[2 Oct 2008 | Comments Off on Sugared Fruit]
Posted in: Food, Sauces
Sugared Fruit

This is a very old and incredibly easy method of preserving fruit. We couldn’t resist the amazing organic peaches, nectarines and plums at the awesome Alemany’s Farmers Market, but soon had to face the realization that there’s only so many fruit tarts and chutneys we could eat. If you love preserves with fresh fruit flavor, but are not ready to commit to canning at home–try this, there’s no cooking involved. The resulting spread can keep for several months in the fridge.

[5 Sep 2008 | Comments Off on Lone Star Cilantro Jalapeño Mayonnaise]
Posted in: Food, Sauces
Lone Star Cilantro Jalapeño Mayonnaise

An unusual, creamy sauce for tacos or other Mexican food. It goes especially well with carnitas or fish tacos.

[5 Sep 2008 | Comments Off on Tarragon Seafood Cocktail Sauce]
Posted in: Food, Sauces

An easy-to-make sauce for shrimp or crab claws. It’s also good prepared with fresh dill or thyme instead of tarragon.

[3 Sep 2008 | Comments Off on Summer Peach Chutney]
Posted in: Featured, Food, Sauces
Summer Peach Chutney

Summertime brings with it a delicious wealth of fruits and vegetables. This chutney takes a sweet, fragrant peach and adds just enough heat to keep things interesting.