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Whipped Orange Juice

5 September 2008 2 Comments

The world’s simplest recipe, but a favorite one from Ingo’s childhood. His mom would make this when friends came over or for special breakfasts. The short time in the blender enhances the frothy head and makes especially orange juice concentrate taste just a bit closer to fresh.


  • Orange juice concentrate
  • Water
    • or:

      • Fresh orange juice


      Add orange juice concentrate and water or fresh orange juice to blender. Whip until foamy.


  • Name (required) said:

    I’m glad this was posted. I remember drinking this when I was a youngen. It was delicious. Yet, I’m sure it has tons of sugar. Which leads to fat… And after so much fat, you get the average American! 😀 Good thing too. So thank goodness this recipe is on here ’cause I know if it makes you fat, Americans will drink it. Bye bye!

  • Angie said:

    Oh my god, shut up stupid (referring to the previous poster). Americans are not fat! Some are, but America has really done a lot to change that. I don’t know other countries that continuously play the same “Get Fit” ads over, and over, and OVER again. We Americans are willing to change! So before you open your huge mouth about this, think of what we’re trying to do. 😛 So everytime that annoying “The Big Help” from Nickelodeon comes on, think of what we’re trying to do. Stop kids from becoming fat and gross.