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Babycake Emmet

9 September 2008 20 Comments

While the ingredients for this babycake are relatively simple, the 9 month prep. time can require significant advanced planning. Do not be surprised if it takes 20+ hours for the cake to release from the oven, especially if you have never made this recipe before. Be assured, it will be well worth the effort in the end.


1+ babycakes, approximately 8 lbs. in weight and 21 inches in diameter.


  • Jane Muschenetz
  • Ingo Muschenetz
  • Love
  • One or more mood setting activities (dinner at Chilis, plate of Oysters Rockefeller, surprise mopping of floors by husband)
  • Long-suffering grandparents-to-be


Set grandparents-to-be on low heat and simmer indefinitely, taking care not to let mixture boil. If boiling appears imminent, add small amounts of misdirection. This step can be done years in advance.

Meanwhile, combine first three ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. While mixing, add small amounts of activities until you have formed a workable dough. Knead 15-30 minutes and form into a small cake-shaped bun. Place bun in preheated oven and bake 9 months. No matter how tempting, do not open the oven door to check progress. You may use external monitoring to ensure the bun is rising evenly.

Once the time is up, remove bun from oven. This may prove surprisingly difficult as the cake is likely to have filled all available space in the oven.

After removing the cake, wrap it tightly in pre-heated kitchen towels. To serve, place the cake in the middle of a large plate (pink or blue, as appropriate), and pour the grandparent mixture over the top. Do not be afraid of smothering the babycake–it is surprisingly absorbent. Enjoy for years to come.


  • john hall said:

    Cute babycake! The recipe is obviously a winner! Congrats!

  • Barbara Rosenthal said:

    Dear Ingo and Jane,

    You might recognize my name as a friend of Karen’s. She, happy grandmother, forwarded your website to the reading group. I loved reading you “recipe.” Congratulations!! I hope to see the happy family sometime.

    Your entire website is a treat. Rosey and I make the traditional red sangria, now will try your white sangria.

    Best wishes, Barbara

  • Fran Harrell said:

    Congratulations! I am so happy for the two of you and for my friend, Karen. She can now get her grandbaby book together and share pics. with the rest of us grannys!
    Emmet is a treasure of love and is absolutely beautiful! Your announcement is clever and creative. Since I love to cook I will be checking in on your website to see what’s brewing! hugs–fran

  • joan powell said:

    Jane and Ingo, Well Done! Bravo! Congratulations! Magnificent!
    Outstanding! Love! Beauty! Fruit of You Labor! What an Angel!
    Emmet is truly Perfect! So happy for all of you.
    The recipe for Babycake is BRILLIANT! And I LOVE the name Emmet.
    Love Always, Joanie

  • Daleth said:

    Fantastic! Congratulations! We are considering making a very similar recipe, though I think we will have to vary the ingredients somewhat, as we have no Ingo or Jane at hand.

    “Emmett” is a great name.

    Send me his birth time and I’ll do his astrological chart…

  • ingo (author) said:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful congratulations. We are certainly very happy with the results, though it is surprising to have a cake which is HUNGRY and keeps GROWING!

  • Julie said:

    That is absolutely precious. recipe looks risky to try alone, but if enough time passes i may be forced.

    he is really adorable! in the butch cassidy picture i think he looks a little like jane’s dad.

  • Brett Jackson said:

    “Butch Gassidy?!” You know babies aren’t supposed to be around puns for the first couple of months! If you’re not careful you’ll instill an unnatural love of the things!

    What a sweet, inquisitive, intelligent face. Emmett looks to be every bit the sum of his choice ingredients. Spectacular. Congratulations!

    Can’t wait to nibble a bit off the toes.

  • casey gordon said:

    dear jane and ingo,

    congratulations on your new addition to the family!! the recipe turned out just right as emmet looks like a little angel.

    take care and best wishes to you all


  • Eli Hall said:

    My daughter Daleth’s comment is of particular interest to me, and I believe the variation of ingredients will yield a similarly fine result — Emmet is delicious!

  • Hannah Greenberg (Meyer) said:

    Jane & Ingo he is GORGEOOUS!! Wow, Mazel Tov. I didn’t know if I would ever hear from you because I lost all your information, but what a surprise email & your sons picture totally brightened up my day. These little guys are such a blessing. You will be amazed at how much you can love a person & he will keep you plenty busy too:-) I have 2 under 2 yrs. old and another on the way so I’m getting my fair practice in motherhood. I’ll be praying for you guys & your growing family. Please send me pictures and updates. I’m so happy to hear from you!!! Again Congratulations to both of you.

  • Monika A said:

    Oh my goodness, he is beautiful!! Congrats guys, you did so well!! I guess using organic, super high quality ingredients paid off. Carter thinks he is adorable too!

  • ANNA COHEN said:

    Dear Jane and Ingo !

    Congratulations from all our family in Israel,
    the baby Emmet is amazing,
    and we love the photographs of you all
    lots of kiss& hugs
    Good luck in baking the recipe

    love Feldman family

  • Marina said:

    Dear Jane and Ingo,

    Emmet is absolutely adorable! Congratulations and the warmest wishes from all of us! Of course, knowing how multi-talented this family is, we could not expect anything less than this wonderfully witty and eloquent announcement. Mazel Tov!

  • Lisa said:

    Jane and Ingo,

    Emmet is sooooo ADORABLE!!! And of course, this recipe is ultra cute. I especially loved the part about the grandparents and misdirection…so clever. Can’t wait to see more pictures and to someday (soon) meet little Emmet. Congratulations to you both!

  • Kelly Skinner said:

    Congratulations Jane and Ingo!!

    Babycake looks d-lish! Love the site.

    Best to the three of you.

  • Shannon Colton said:

    Jane & Ingo,

    Congratulations on Baby Emmet, he is adorable! I hope all is going well as you adjust to being a family of 3. Enjoy every moment with your new bundle of joy! Thanks for sharing the photos.


  • ingo (author) said:

    Hi All,

    A few new photos added, included one of his pediatrician at his second doctor’s appointment, and one including a very fine pumpkin we got in our bi-weekly delivery of farm vegetables.


  • Britt and Kirsten Morris said:

    You are officially in the Club! Welcome. It is an amusing place to be. You know, in the parenting club, most of us have had little sleep, our nutrition is poor because we devote all our time to our children. We either gain weight or lose weight once again because our concerns are for the child and its well being. We work morning, noon and night and it never ends. It is all worth it in the end! Or at least we like to think so. Your Emmet is so adorable. My favorite picture is of him at the pediatrician’s office. He looks so awake! Love to you all.
    Kirsten, Britt, Ophelia and Ella

  • Dr. Biggles said:

    Yay ! Congratulations! MmMmMmm, fresh baby smell. I love the baby, it’s when they start walking that the recipe & procedures change.

    I’ve only run that recipe twice, so far.

    xo, Biggles