Chocolate Sorbet
POSTED ON Dec 25, 2008

I really like the chocolate sorbet by Double Rainbow ice cream (a San Francisco company, by the way), but as I was hovering over the freezer case at Trader Joe’s, I thought to myself–I can make this at home. I had a chocolate sorbet recipe that came with my ice cream machine that I liked, but it was only good, not great, so I went hunting for a new one. And then I came across this one in David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. It uses both chopped chocolate and cocoa powder, a combination that reminds me of the fantastic hot chocolate recipe from Pierre Hermé in Jeffrey Steingarten’s It Must’ve Been Something I Ate. I’m not certain exactly what using both powder and chopped chocolate does chemically, but it results in an incredibly rich concoction–almost like eating frozen fudge. Once we tried this recipe, we knew we didn’t have to go searching any further.

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POSTED ON Jan 24, 2009

Family Photography

We recently took Emmet on his first airplane ride to Maui as an experiment, a thankfully largely uneventful experience. We had no idea how he’d react, and in general he handled it pretty well. He really enjoyed the warmer weather, and the fact he could be in just his onesie most of time rather than all bundled up for the San Francisco winter.

While there, we stayed in Lahaina, renting a small condo near the center of town (which I highly recommend if you need a place to stay). It had a great kitchen, and with access to lots of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, we cooked in as much as we ate out. At the time, strawberry papayas were particularly great, as well as some wonderful-smelling tangelos that I juiced together with a passion fruit for breakfast.

Some good places we went I’ve highlighted below, as well as a gallery of our photos:

  • Miyaki Fish Market
    Very fresh fish (though a limited selection) and a great Mahi Mahi ceviche.
  • Honokowai Okazuya
    we only tried a few of the recommended dishes, but the Eggplant Szechwan, the macaroni salad, and the triple-chocolate cake certainly lived up to expectations.
  • Alexander’s Fish & Chips:
    Admittedly, the fish was pretty good, but the best thing we had was the organic purple potatoes dipped in tempura batter and then fried. I’d drive out of my way for those again.
  • Battle of the Kalua Pig
    We tried both Da Kitchen (renowned as one of the best on the island), and also a very small place in Lahaina called Local Food. Da Kitchen’s pork was very finely shredded, and incredibly moist, with little cabbage. Local Food had larger chunks of pork, with nice crunchy bits of cabbage lacing the meat. It’s a bit of what you like best, but both were excellent.
  • Maui Brewing Company Toasted Coconut Porter
    An awesome beer by the Maui Brewing Company. If you go to Maui, get it at Longs Drugs, as it’s at least several dollars a six pack cheaper there. It tastes exactly like if you mixed toasted coconut into a good porter, and the result is great. Evidently you can buy the beer in California too, though I’ve not tried that yet.

We unfortunately did not make it to Sansei sushi this trip. Dining out was a bit difficult with Emmet, but we hope to eat there on a future trip. Please let us know if there were some great finds you made while staying in Hawaii.